Monday, March 17, 2014

Sinclaire and her multiple applications to work for UKIP....

A friend of mine this morning drew my attention to an article in yesterday's Sunday Mirror regarding Nigel Farage and Annabelle Fuller which stated:

"We can also reveal that ex-UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire – who this week asked Farage why he used public money to pay Miss Fuller – was snubbed for the job his alleged mistress was given.
Mark Croucher, who was UKIP’s director of communications between 2001 and 2007, confirmed he interviewed her for a job in the party’s press office.

She was turned down because of her “abrasive personality” and Miss Fuller was recruited instead. UKIP insiders say it raises the prospect that Sinclaire asked her explosive question as an act of revenge.

The source said: “Nikki has never got over the fact Annabelle was chosen above her to work for the party. She is a woman scorned and that has come back to haunt Nigel this week.”"

In fact, what I actually said was

"I employed Ms Fuller in the UKIP Press Office in 2006 while I was director of communications. We - myself, my deputy Clive Page, and the party chairman at the time - interviewed a significant number of candidates for the position, and the consensus was that Annabelle was by far the best. She was employed solely on her merits as the best and most suitable candidate for the position, and her subsequent performance proved that that was the correct decision.....
Regarding Ms Sinclaire, she was an unsuccessful applicant for the position at the time, just as she was an unsuccessful applicant for my then position, for Clive Page's position, and for a number of other paid roles within UKIP. Her subsequent actions, her on-going bitterness and abrasive personality, her arrest for expenses fraud and her association with members of the far-right including those on paid positions on her current staff have proved that our decision with regards to Ms Sinclaire were correct."

Sinclaire was not interviewed for the position as we only bothered to interview candidates with some ability. There is little point in employing as a press officer a person who could have an argument in an empty house.

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  1. Saint Nikki of Meriden is a bloody awful woman, nothing but trouble for anyone unfortunate enough to cross her path. Truly without any redeeming features.