Monday, November 11, 2013

How to prove yourself a liar on Twitter

I suppose we should feel some pity for poor, persecuted convicted fraudster and forger Jasna Badzak. Ever looking for the sympathy vote, Ms Badzak has returned to one of her two favourite subjects: that UKIP members are banging on her door and persecuting her. I hadn't intended to return to the subject of Ms Badzak's stupidity quite so quickly after my last post, but she kindly tweeted two pictures to prove it:

Just had another #UKIP #EDL visit. Consequences attached

Note that not only was the alleged visit already over, but she'd had time to check her blood pressure in this tweet. The Omron blood pressure machine showed the time as 17:57. This was followed by:

Face of #UKIP #EDL on my doorstep today. Threat to kill my child
Which shows her alleged visitor (who'd already left by 17:57) in the communal hallway outside her apartment at 18:04, almost ten minutes later. The moral of the story? If you're going to make up stuff, at least have the intelligence to post pictures which don't immediately prove you're a liar.

Then again, I suppose that all of this shows why Ms Badzak has got a tag on her ankle, can't go outside after 6pm, and has a 1 year suspended sentence for fraud and forgery, narrowly escaping an immediate custodial sentence solely because she cares for her child when she's not using him for sympathy in tweets.

More on Ms Badzak and her ongoing fraud when I can be bothered to type about it.

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  1. The 'lady' clearly has issues. I would advise psychiatric assessment and QUICKLY.