Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Please, Jasna. Put the shovel down. You've made yourself look more than silly enough already.

I can't help but feel I've wasted enough of my life dealing with convicted fraudster and forger Jasna Badzak. The problem is, she just won't put the shovel down.

Yesterday evening, I exposed her lies about her 'UKIP visitor'. She posted a picture of her blood pressure monitor timestamped 17:57, supposedly taken after the visit. She then posted a picture allegedly from her CCTV showing the intruder present at 18:04, ten minutes after he was supposed to have left. Oh, if only she'd thought about taking a random picture of a bloke in a hallway just a quarter of an hour earlier!

Most people would give up on a lie when they're caught out, but not Ms Badzak. This morning she tweeted the following -

I'm sure she feels that is the killer fact, that her Omron blood pressure monitor is still set to summer time. Except that the clocks went back at the end of October. Meaning that if the blood pressure monitor was reading 17:57 BST, it was actually 16:57 GMT, or an hour earlier.

All of which means that the alleged visitor (who had 'just left' before she took her blood pressure at 17:57 on the Omron, or 16:57 in GMT) must have hung around in her corridor for 1 hour and 10 minutes afterwards in full view of her CCTV camera, which picked him up at 18:04.

Generally, its good advice when finding yourself in a hole to stop digging. Ms Badzak seems to have hired a JCB to excavate even more ground around her already shaky story. Sometimes, you've got to wonder how some people manage to work out how to turn their computer on.

Now, that really is enough time devoted to Ms Badzak.

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